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Delegates: Be sure to register both as a delegate AND for the conference to be able to attend.

Elected Delegates

How do I register as a delegate?

Delegates are elected by their Intergroup (or by a group which is not a part of an Intergroup) and must register at least 30 days prior to the conference with Nicotine Anonymous World Services, via email to The following information must be provided: Full name, mailing address, telephone number and the name of the group(s) or Intergroup that delegate is representing.

Delegate Information PDF


Conference Registration

Remote Attendance Packet

Protocols and how to navigate workshop breakout rooms


Remote Attendance PDF


Delegate Packet

Find the conference schedule, workshop information, committee, intergroup, and treasurer’s reports, plus items to be voted on. Please see Butterfly Book below.

Delegate Packet PDF

Service Opportunities

Step up for service, be a coordinator for a World Services committee. 


Service Opportunities PDF






Butterfly Book

“The Butterfly Book” is a new piece of Nicotine Anonymous literature seeking conference approval this year. This will be sent out for delegate review with the entire delegate package, which will be emailed at least 30 days prior to the conference.  While delegates will be voting on this at the conference, we also would like to invite anyone from the fellowship to offer feedback. We are posting it, now, to give everyone ample time to read it.  All comments or suggested edits should be emailed to as soon as possible.  There will be limited time at the workshop to incorporate suggested edits, and it will greatly expedite the process to receive all comments by April 15th. Thank you.